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present simple and continuous Choose the correct answer.
Principio del formulario
My favourite photograph shows a wide street that is wet with rain. There are people 1. [pic]around in thebackground. They're dressed in hats and raincoats and most of them 2. [pic]umbrellas. In the foreground is an enormous puddle. A man 3. [pic]from one side of the puddle onto a
large stone in the middle of it.The photo captures the exact moment that his foot 4. [pic]the stone. There's such a feeling of energy and movement as he leaps across. The man 5. [pic]a parcel under his arm. Perhaps it's a presentfor someone special he 6. [pic][pic]to meet. Or maybe he 7. [pic][pic]to catch a train. There are so many possibilities.
reflexive pronouns Choose the correct answer.
1. In Japan people bowto[pic]when they meet.[pic]
2. Vicky designed her wedding dress[pic].[pic]
3. We've known[pic]for seven years.[pic]
4. Please can you introduce[pic].[pic]
5. Marie and Jane often argue with[pic].[pic]6. I don't need any help, thank you, I can do it[pic].[pic]
subject and object questions put the words in the correct order.
Principio del formulario
1. Who is married Jamie to?

2. lockforgot to the Who door?

3. Marcus Who his to invite party? did

4. office Who with shares an Rachel?

5. out? Who cat the let

6. did the Who speak on phone? you to

adverbs of frequencyChoose the correct answer.
We eat at the Thai Orchard restaurant[pic]. The food's great![pic]
1. Steve[pic]takes a holiday. He works too hard.[pic]
2. Some tourists[pic]leave the resort. Theyprefer relaxing to sightseeing.[pic]
3. British students[pic]take a gap year after university.[pic]
4. We[pic]go to Seville on holiday. We know the city well.[pic]
5. I've[pic]been to China, butI'd love to go someday.[pic]
6. Tourism[pic]causes damage to the environment.[pic]
7. In Japan, we visited some places that tourists[pic]visit. They were very peaceful.[pic]

Past simple and...
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