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Formación integral para el futuro

ASIGNATURA: Inglés Estructuras Gramaticales UNIDAD Y GUIA Nº 3.1 Y 3.2: Our context
FECHA DE DURACIÓN: Del 7 de Julio a 11 de Septiembre GRADO: Noveno
ESTUDIANTE:_________________________________________ ORIENTADORA: Karen Julieth Larrota Hernández
TEMAS: Modal verbs, first and second conditional, present perfect continuous, adjectives -ed/ing

3.1. Conceptualiza la estructura y uso de los verbos modales y el condicional tipo uno y dos, aplicando su estructura de manera adecuada, redactando textos dondeejemplifiquen sus usos.
3.1.1. Identifica los componentes y usos de los verbos modales.
3.1.2. Formula oraciones aplicando la estructura del condicional tipo uno y dos, teniendo en cuenta los tiempos verbales, presente, pasado y futuro simples.
3.1.3. Ejemplifica la estructura de los verbos modales y de los condicionales tipo uno y dos redactando textos.

3.2. Conceptualiza la estructura y usodel tiempo presente perfecto continuo, determinando las clases de adjetivos y representándolos en la elaboración de un minilibro.
3.2.1. Identifica la estructura en forma afirmativa, negativa e interrogativa del tiempo presente perfecto continuo.
3.2.2. Determina las características de las clases de adjetivos teniendo en cuenta su terminación.
3.2.3. Elabora historias cortas y mini- libros queejemplifiquen las clases de adjetivos.

|I have learned that to be with those I like is enough. Walt Whitman |


A. Look at the singns and write some sentences

B. You are going to spend a monthstudying English in the UK. Emma, a friend of yours who lives there, writes to you saying what you need to know in order to prepare for your trip. Read her letter and fill in the gaps with have to, don’t have to, can, can’t, should or shouldn’t. *

Dear Friend,
I’m very glad to hear you’re coming to spend some time with us. I got your letter and I’m writing to answer your questions.
You asked meabout bringing some coffee because you like espresso. Don’t worry, you ____________________ bring any because my parents love coffee and have lots in the house already. You mentioned about getting my parents a present. That’s very kind of you. If you want to bring something you ______________ get them a box of chocolates.
They love them more than coffee! You also asked me about money. You_________________ bring all your money in cash but you ________________ bring some change. You’ll also ________________ be able to prove you have enough money for your stay. You ____________________ have any problems with Immigration if you bring a letter from your language school saying you’re going to study there while in the UK. If there are any problems you _________________ always phone me on mymobile. I gave you the number in my last letter.
________________ you remember to bring your English grammar books with you? We don’t have any in our house – so it’s best you bring your own in case you need them for your lessons.
Let me know the time of your flight and, although I ____________ come to the airport, my mother will be there to meet you.
See you soon,

C. Create an article ,showing the differences that there exists among the modals.
D. Give some advices**

|Dear Anna, |Dear Anna, |Dear Anna, |Dear Anna, |
|every day when I go to work I see the |at school every laughs at me because I |My boyfriend is a student and has no |My boss oftebn makes...
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