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* Tapescript

Jim: So you’re going to Pittsburg?
Oliver: that’s right, I’m going to visit Pitt Steel.
Jim: when are you going?
Oliver: I think I’m going to fly over at theend of next month, but I don’t know when exactly.
Jim: are you going direct to Pittsburg?
Oliver: well, yes, I think so. Why?
Jim: because I’m having a holiday next month and I’m spending a week orso with my folks in New York. If you fly via New York, I’ll be able to show you around.
Oliver: that sounds like a good idea. When are you going to be there?
Jim: let’s see. Well, I’m leaving Hamburgon 17th July, and I’m coming back on the 31st, so any time between those dates.
Oliver: will, I’d really like to see New York, so, yes, I’ll do it! I’ll book a flight to New York first, then I’llfly on to Pittsburg.
Jim: great, you can stay with my parents, too.
Oliver: no, I can’t do that!
Jim: sure you can!
Oliver: no, really…
Jim: look, you are staying with my parents, OK?
Oliver: OK,if you’re sure.
Jim: of course! Look, if you come over on about 27th July, you can fly on to Pittsburg on the 31st, and we’ll go to the airport together.
Oliver: yes, that’s a good idea.
Jim: I’llshow you all the sights. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time!
Oliver: I’m sure I will!
Jim: where are you going to stay in Pittsburg?
Oliver: I don’t know. Do you know any hotels?
Jim: yes, Ithink the Grand is good.
Oliver: OK, I’ll stay at the Grand.
Jim: are you going to rent a car? I think Pitt Steel is outside the centre of Pittsburg.
Oliver: Oh, well, on that case, I’ll rent a car.Conversation 1

Oliver has to book his flight:

Oliver: I’d like to book a seat on the 8.30 flight to New York on 27th July.
Agent: I’m sorry, sir, that flight’s fully booked.
Oliver: Oh,well, in that case I’ll go on the 10.30.
Agent: Yes, sir, we have seats on that flight.
Oliver: Executive class, please.
Agent: I’m terribly sorry, sir, but executive class is full.
Oliver: OK,...
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