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The formation of the life style

As the child interprets his experiences with the inner and outer environment, he draws conclusions about affective approaches toward social life. His attitudetoward life in general constitutes his life style; it is the key to the personality of each individual.
All acts and attitudes are only facets of general life style, based on his central evaluation ofhimself and his abilities.
Dangers and disappointments play an important part in the formation of the life style, which includes a plan of action by which the child hopes to avoid future humiliations,setting up a fictitious goal of assumed security. For example: A child who has felt neglected and pushed aside may have reached the conclusion that he can be a part of the group only if he makespeople feel sorry for him.

In his efforts to play a part in group, the child is guided by his experiences with other members of the family. Human relations are based on mutual interactions, which, forthe most part, take place without awareness. In his interactions with others, the child selects his individual approaches long before conscious thought develops.

In his first experiments withothers, the child operates by trial and error. In the beginning, the child tackles each problem arises. Consequently, he may behave differently in dealing with a member of the family. As he grows older andperceives the group as hole, he begins to look for guiding principles, which permit a general line of action.
Usually by the age of 4 or 5, the child has integrated his subjective impression ofgroup living into a total picture of life. His life style is established.
For this reason, a change of the child´s personality is more difficult after this period and becomes intellectual. He has learnedto rationalize, to be logically in his interpretations and misinterpretations.


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