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A. Listening comprehension exercise: Answer the questions to the quiz, without listening to the audio track. Then, listen to track 2 to check youranswers.

1. In which country do men and women live the longest?
a. Japan b. Germany c. The USA

2. In which year did the world population reach 6 billion?
a. 1989 b. 1999 c. 2005

3.If you are standing on the equator, how many hours of daylight do you have?
a. 12 b. 16 c. 24

4. Where does most of the world’s oil come from?
a. Russia b. Saudi Arabia c. Venezuela5. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World is still standing?
a. The Lighthouse of Alexandria
b. The pyramids of Egypt
c. The Colossus of Rhodes

6. Why didn’t dinosaurs attack humans?
a.Because they were vegetarians.
b. Because they became extinct before humans were on the earth.
c. Because they didn’t run fast enough.

7. Where was the Titanic sailing to when it sank?
a.Southampton b. Rio de Janeiro c. New York

8. How long has Hawaii been a U.S. state?
a. since 1952 b. since 1959 c. since 1963

9. How many people have won the Nobel Peace prize since itstarted in 1901?
a.26 b. 58 c. 94

10. How long have people been using the internet?
a. since 1969 b. since 1976 c. since 1984

11. Which language is spoken by the most people in theworld?
a. Spanish b. Chinese d. English

12. In which country were women first given the vote?
a. Canada b. Paraguay d. New Zealand

B. Study the verb review handout and then read thequestions in the quiz again and the added sentences. Identify the verb tense in each question and sentence. There are two passive verbs. (The first one has been done for you).

| Verb tense |Auxiliary verb | Modal auxiliary verb | Main verb |
1 | Simple Present | do | | live |
2 | Simple Past | did | | reach |
3a | Present Continuous | are | | standing |
3b | Simple Present | do |...
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