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By Renso Salas

Have you ever thought about bringing back a big emotion you had felt in the past that you think it couldn´t happen again?
Well, this is exactlywhat all we can feel in this coming April, when on reaching a hundred years of the sinking of the transatlantic RMS Titanic, James Cameron, the visionary director of the magnificent film thatrecreate this catastrophe, brings the story back to the theaters but now in 3D.
When somebody mentions the word Titanic, immediately comes to our mind the wonderful film that 13 years ago made us feel acountless emotions with a simple love story inside of a complicated situation. Many of us after watching this movie got obsessed on the subject, and tried to get extra information about the film, thecast and also the history around of the disaster, what usually do not happen with the majority of the movies we watch monthly. What means that Titanic is an unforgettable film that I am sure it is goingto be welcome in this new version.
The Paramount Picture’s film, considered the world´s most beloved and acclaimed film, returns to theaters now in Real 3D and IMAX 3D format; 3D is the future ofmovies, the new era of filmmaking. This means a wonderful experience back to us in a different way.
Recently, I heard a 12 year old boy saying: "Wow, I really love this film, how I would have liked tosee this movie in cinema!”, I laughed a lot, because for the time of the premier of this movie, I was his age, so I went back in the past and remembered myself sat at the cinema watching this movieand how interested I was about it. So this new format will give him the opportunity of taking the journey in the ship, falling in love and experimenting the sensation of being at the cinema as if itwere the very first time that this film is projected.
In conclusion, It is possible to become old things in new ones without lose the meaning that they have for us in our hearts and giving the others...
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