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Final Project
Live to Succeed

Lic. Rosa María Reyna
Mónica Ivonne Herrera Rodríguez

Grade: 6º Group: “A” Fecha de Entrega:

This Project, called "living to transcend" or “live to succeed”, aims to investigate about the career that I want to study in my state and two states more. This in order to broadenmy horizon and see the possibilities and obstacles generated by the fact of studying in another city, if that´s the case, or stay here and then in a future go to another city to study.
Then present some very important aspects of the career I want to study, such as the definition, the curriculum of a university, cost comparison between different universities, the obstacles created by a few points,how to resolve them and the expectation of work I have .

Research Development.

The career my dear friend Dylan chose was  Mechatronics Engineering, because he has a very recent interest for technological innovation and mathematics, especially for physics. Mechatronics, is a science that was born from the union of two important areas: Mechanics and Electronics. Robotics is a branch that hewould love to learn and operate seamlessly to design and innovate further electronic devices. Another strand is  programming, Dylan will establish command for devices designed, giving cautious instructions to do the job they assigned.
For a better understanding of the concept of Mechatronics,I will give a brief overview of its definition:

Mechatronics arises from the synergistic combinationof various branches of engineering, among which are: precision mechanics, electronics, computers and control systems. Its main purpose is the analysis and design of products and automated manufacturing processes.

The term "Mechatronics" was initially defined as the integration of mechanics and electronics on a machine or product, but then it was consolidated as a specialty engineering andincorporated other elements such as computer systems, developments microelectronics, artificial intelligence, control theory and computer-related, stability and reachability. Aiming at the optimization of industrial elements through the optimization of each of its threads with new tools synergistic.
Currently there are various definitions of Mechatronics, depending on area of interest of theproponent. In particular, UNESCO defines mechatronics as:

"The synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture-of-products-and-processes."
However, a more interesting way of defining it would be "Design and construction of intelligent mechanical systems."
Let's stay with this last definition. Then show the curriculumDurango Tech for a better perspective:
Now, this career is available at various universities, including the Instituto Tecnológico de Durango, the University of the Americas in Puebla and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Torreón. The costs of these universities are quite different, so for better representation and assimilation of their costs, I made the table presented below:
Universities wereDylan would like to study |
University | Instituto Tecnológico de Durango | Universidad Iberoamericana | Universidad de las Américas |
Test cost | $950 | Free | Free |
Introductory curse | $400 | $1,600 | Free |
Cost per Month | No aplica | $7,680 | $12,738 |
Semesters | 9 | 9 | 9 |
Inscription cost | Free | Free | Free |
Semestral cuote | Aproximadamente $ 2,100 | $38,400 | $63,690 | 
1. 1. The Technological Institute of Durango is a very good option, since the cost Dylan or mainly his father can affort to pay is very low, and that is very important, because it depends on his permission to study there.
2. If the University is very expensive, Dylan´s father would not finance him, since it would be a very large expense for the family. Also important is the student's...
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