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Expertise: Pericia, habilidad - He has expertise in substance abuse and depression
Behavior management: Manejo de la conducta - She has studied behavior management for 5 yearsStruggle: Luchar – You struggled with anorexia last year
Disclose: Revelar - I disclosed to my boyfriend I am pregnant
Overview: Visión general - He has an overview of environment
Approach:Enfoque - My approach is treatment of muscle injuries
Distressed: Angustiado - I was distressed when I took my test
Lawsuit: Pleito - They had a lawsuit for the negligence of his doctorOtherwise: Lo contrario, de otra manera - You have to do that, to do otherwise is wrong
Within: Dentro de - You have to play within the rules
Boundaries: Límites - The boundaries let youdo that
Stretch: Estirar - I want to stretch my knowledge
Proficiency: Competencia - The proficiency shows who is the best in some expertise
Ensure: Asegurar - I have to ensure my newjob
Likelihood: Probabilidad - The likelihood to fail the exam is so high
Disgruntled: Descontento - She was so disgruntled when his boyfriend hit her
Extent: Extensión, alcance - Theextent of my knowledge in science is not wide
Wise: sabio - My teacher is a wise man
Enhance: Mejorar, aumentar - I need to enhance my listening skills
Strive: Esforzarse - I striveeveryday to be the best professional
Hallmark: Sello de calidad - His hallmark is his academic grades
Willingness: Voluntad de - The willingness of her job is to satisfy the customers
Hone:Afilar - You have to hone your speaking skills

Presente simple (sujeto + verbo) Con he, she, it se agrega –s, -es, -oes al final del verbo.
Ejemplo: I work in an office (yo trabajoen una oficina); she goes to her house (ella va a su casa)
Pasado simple (sujeto + verbo en pasado)
Ejemplo: I studied english (yo estudié inglés)
Presente perfecto continuo (sujeto + have/has +...
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