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The sun rises in the west the direction where the sun goes down in the evening that is opposite east, or the part of an area or country which isin this direction The points of the compass are north, south, east, and west.
The sun sets in the west.

Average life expectancy worldwide has risen dramatically over the past 100 years when youthink that something exciting or pleasant is going to happen There was a general air of expectancy in the crowd
Whoever make two blades of grass
It is similar to who Whoever broke the window willhave to pay for it.
A zookeeper a person who works in a zoo, taking care of the animals He work zookeeper the animal
Being extremely silly with my friend and colleague Dr chequers showing a lackof thought or judgment; not serious and not showing much intelligence I watched another silly movie last night.
Shake hands with the kids to move something backward and forward or up and down inquick, short movements Shake the can
make up nonsense songs for those children well enough to sin Nonsense is also language that cannot be understood or that has no meaning. What’s all this nonsenseabout quitting school?
He boasted to a woman friend to speak too proudly or show too much satisfaction about something or someone connected with you They are always boasting about how smart theirchildren are.
Cigar smoke was blow into his nose to make a current of air, or to move something or be moved with a current of air We brought in the birthday cake and watched Lisa blow out the candles.He hated school and often refused to say or show that you are not willing to do, accept, or allow something She asked him for a loan, but he refused.
His father was painting a picture of theirpigeons a large, usually gray-and-white bird that lives esp. in cities We fed the pigeons in the park.
He was wounded in 1918 to hurt the feelings of someone. He totally ignored her, and she was...
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