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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Legend of the Easter bunny and eggs
Viernes, 22 de Abril de 2011 17:10
María FernandaSánchez Terán
The custom of the easter eggs comes from Egyptians, hey used to decorated the eggs with paint and also with plants, the easter eggs were a gift that they gave to people, and they used the eggsto decorated their houses.
All this custom start when the Christians select an specific time of the year to remember Jesus resurrection, these time was in lent, One of the sacrifices in these timewas to don’t eat eggs one day of the lent, so that day all the people went out of their houses with a box of eggs to give the box to other person as a gift. One day a Christian remember that theEgyptian used to paint the eggs, so he started to do the same with the eggs that he gave to the other people. The other Christians saw that and they like the idea, and they started to paint the eggs too,after that all the people started to have new ideas for the eggs, they made eggs of chocolate and candy for gifts. Since then until now we buy or give those eggs to other people especially in that timeof the year.
The custom of the easter eggs include a symbol that we use to identify these time of the year and it is the easter bunny. These symbol became from the old Christian Anglo-Saxon holidays, when the bunny represent fertility associated with the goddess Eastre, Gradually the image of the bunny started to be connected with the lent. After that a curious legend start, the legend saidthat when Jesus died inside the cave was hidden a little bunny, it was so scared, the bunny was inside the cave for one day and one night and then it happens, the bunny saw how Jesus wake up .
Therabbit knew that Jesus was the Son of God and decided he had to tell the world and all the people who were crying, they did not have to be sad because Jesus had risen.
So rabbits can not talk, it...
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