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Helen Keller (1880-1968)


Helen Keller was born in 1882, in the small city of Tuscumbia, Alabama.  When she was nineteen months old she became very ill. The diseasemade Helen deaf and blind.
Helen was a smart child, she made up a simple sign language to use with her family. Because Helen was very smart she needed to be kept busy. Being deaf and blind made thishard.  Helen became very bored and upset. This was why she had a lot of temper tantrums.
When Helen was 7 life started to change. Someone told Helen's mother to go to the Perkins Institute for theBlind in Boston. They sent Anne Sullivan to teach Helen.
When Anne Sullivan was 5 years old she also became blind. After many operations Anne could see a little. She was the right person to help becauseshe knew how Helen felt.
When Anne arrived it was difficult for her to help Helen. Then, she took Helen to live with her in a small house in the Keller's garden. Now alone with Helen, she started toteach her. One day after a walk, Anne put water onto one of Helen's hands.  She tapped the sign letters for the word water on Helen's other hand. Suddenly, Helen understood that Anne's tapping couldmean the word water. Helen wanted to learn more.
Helen started learning all that she could. She learned to read Braille in many languages. Helen became the first deaf and blind person to graduate fromuniversity.
During her long life she helped many charities and social causes. Helen started the charity, Helen Keller International. This charity helps people who are blind. Helen met many famouspeople including American presidents. She also wrote 12 books.

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I think that it’s a difficultquestion because It’s not the same thing having the disease than imagining this.
But If I were in Hellen Keller place I would be very sad because I couldn’t see the beautiful things of life...
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