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San Andres, Old Providence and Santa Catalina are home to more than 80,000
people of which not all are native islanders. In fact on the larger island, San
Andres, where the Free Port actually wasthe main economic activity, native
islanders are a minority in their own territory.
This blend of cultures had a very special effect on their music, which happily combines reggae, reggaeton, raga,soca, calypso, merengue, vallenato and salsa. All kinds of music, for all kinds of dance.
San Andres is a Free Port was the main economic activity, native
islanders are a minority in their ownterritory.
They have been outnumbered by
continental Colombians and suffer various forms of discrimination due to their
ethno-cultural background and survive under marginalized conditions that
contrastwith the modern world. It is important to point out, that also the poor
Colombians who came from the coastal zones . both Pacific and Atlantic . black
and white, suffer from discrimination and liveunder marginalized conditions.
Natives from Old Providence claim they are British, because they
descended from Henry Morgan, this is how the story was related to Wilson
(1973): .Providence peopleare descended from Henry Morgan and his sailors.
Henry Morgan was an Englishman and a famous sailor and a pirate. Everyone
was afraid of him and he was not afraid of anyone. Henry Morgan.s chief matewas a man called Berelski, a Pole. When Morgan left the island to attack
Panama, this Berelski jumped overboard and swam back to the island. He
changed his name to Robinson, and the Robinsons arenow an important family
on the island. Hawkins was also one of Morgan.s captains and the Hawkins
family is also descended from this Hawkins.. The Natives are also descended
from black slaves broughtfrom Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. Once freed
from slavery in 1834, the Natives were soon sole owners of the properties on the
three islands.

1.1 HYMNS.
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