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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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OSHO : Immediately after enlightenment,and why he became a master
de Swami Jeevan Ekin, el El Lunes, 04 de octubre de 2010 a las 7:26

 <span><span> </span><span> If people have become enlightened before thirty-five, then they have survived longer than others, because the body was younger, stronger, and it was not on the decline; it still had a potential to grow. Theyabsorbed the shock, but the shock had shaken everything.I was never sick before I became enlightened; </span></span>
I was perfectly healthy. People were jealous of my health. But after enlightenment, suddenly I found that the body had become so delicate that doing anything became impossible. Even going for a walk—and I was running before that, four miles in the morning, fourmiles in the evening, running, jogging, swimming. I was doing all kinds of things….But after enlightenment, suddenly and very strangely, the body became absolutely weak. And it is almost unbelievable—I could not believe it, my father's sister's family, who I was staying with, could not believe it. It was more of a surprise to them because they knew nothing about enlightenment. I suspected there wassome connection but they had no idea what had happened: all the hairs on my chest became white, just in one night! And I was twenty-one!I could not hide it—because it is a hot country, India, and I used to only have on a wrap-around lunghi the whole day, so my chest was always naked. So everybody in the house became aware of this and was wondering what had happened.
I said, "I myself amwondering what has happened." I knew that the body had certainly lost its stamina. It had become fragile, and I lost my sleep completely.I have been asked again and again why Ramakrishna died of cancer. I know why he died of cancer: he must have become absolutely vulnerable to any disease. And if it was only Ramakrishna we could think it was just an exception; but Maharshi Raman also died ofcancer. That looks strange, that within one hundred years two enlightened people of the highest order died of cancer. Perhaps they lost all resistance to disease.I can understand from my own situation, I lost all resistance to diseases. I had never suffered from what you call allergies. I loved perfume so much, and I had never suffered because of it.
I had beautiful flowers in all my houseswhere I lived; and India has such flowers I think no other country has—with great fragrance….There are plants, for example a certain flower, "queen of the night"—you can have just one plant, and the whole house will be full of fragrance; and not only your own house, the neighboring houses too will be full of fragrance. And there are many other flowers—champa, chameli, juhi—which are immensely fullof fragrance. I always had those flowers around me, and I never suffered from any allergy.But after enlightenment I became so allergic that just the body-smell of somebody was enough to give me a cold, the sneezes; and the sneezes triggered something in my chest. I started coughing, and coughing triggered another process;
I started having asthma attacks which were absolutely unknown to me. Ihad never thought that these things would happen to me.But I was aware of what was happening. My consciousness and my body had fallen apart; the connection became very loose. The body's resting became impossible, and when you have not rested for many days, then you become vulnerable to all kinds of infections. You are so tired, you cannot resist. And if for years you cannot have any rest, thennaturally you lose all resistance….My feeling is that because enlightenment is the last lesson of life, there is nothing more to learn, you are unnecessarily hanging around. You have learnt the lesson—that was the purpose of life—so life starts losing contact with the person.
And most of these people have died immediately; the shock was so much. And death is not a calamity to them; it is a...
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