Enrgia solar su medida y transformacion

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Gorillas are members of the great apefamily. They live in the forests of Africa.Gorillas have strong, heavy bodies.They can walk on two legs likepeopledo. Most of the time they walk on their feet and hands.Gorillas eat leaves, stems, bark, fruits,flowers, and wood. They also eat insectsand snails.Most gorillas do not hunt.

Gorillas make faces to show how they feel.Their faces tell if they are happy, sad, or upset. Gorillas cancry, and they laughwhen they are tickled.
Gorilla families
A gorilla baby nurses and stays close to its mother for a few years.It rides on her back tomove around.A gorilla family is called a troop. A troop eats, sleeps, and plays together.Family members play tag, catch, and dress-up with leaves.A babygorilla stays near its mother until it is about ten years old.2

When a male gorilla grows up, the fur on its back turns silver.It is called a silverback.The silverback's job is to protect the troop 3
Learning to talk
Gorillas are very smart.A woman named Penny taught a gorillato use sign language. Thegorilla' sname is Koko. Koko uses signs to tellPenny what she wants and how shefeels.
An adult female gorillaweighs 91 kg. A silverbackgorilla weighs 181kg.

Gorillas in danger 
Many gorillas have been killed by hunters.Their forest homes are being cut down.Gorillas are now endangered.Many people aretrying to save these great apes.4A scientist looks at a gorilla nestShe is trying to find out how manygorillas are left in the forest..

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