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|1964 Mustang |
|[pic] |
|     1964 was the first model year of one the most famous automobiles ever built. On April. 17, Ford premiered the car at New York's World Fair. Ford sold a |
|ground-breaking number of these that is still a shock to people today; 22,000 were sold in the first day and one millionwithin the first 24 months of its |
|existence. Even though the Mustang wasn't the "race-ready" car we all know it to be today, it still was an awesome bang for the buck and a cool, sporty car to show |
|off to your friends with. So here goes the huge amount of information that we've gathered for your viewing pleasure. |

|1965 Ford Mustang|
|[pic] |
|     1965 was the second year of the Mustang, a car that caused a massive craze in the United States during the 60s. Not many major changes occured to the Mustang |
|from the previous "half year". The main difference was the engines that were used. In 1964 (also known as "early 1965"), the Mustang came with a170ci V-6 with |
|101hp, a 260 ci V-8 with 164hp, and a 289 ci V-8 with 210hp. Then in 1965, Ford stepped up the performance of the Mustang as they realized this car could become a |
|marvel for car enthusiasts; it got a 200 ci V-6 with 200hp, a 289 ci V-8 with 225hp, and a high performance 289 ci V-8 with 271hp. Also, adding to this performance |
|image was the newly introduced ShelbyMustangs. |

|1966 Ford Mustang |
| |
|     1966 was another spectacular year for the Mustang. Again the car was only redesigned slightly. There was a redesigned gas cap, standard back-up lights, and new||wheels on the exterior, while the interior got several more interior trims. Also, the Shelby Mustang continued to be an amazing muscle car thrill. |

|1967 Mustang |
| |
|     1967 proved that the Mustang would become a true muscle machine. It had a new design and was ready for a good drag race....
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