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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2011
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The movie Adaptation is meant to grab the attention of viewers on many levels. The basic feel of the movie is basically, what you think it is it isn’t, and what it is its really not. Thisis done with such things as reoccurring images and hidden meanings scattered throughout the film. For example there is a lot of hidden meaning in the color green. Such things as the swamp, the drugs,the alligators, and the idea of nature as being new are all associated with the color green. The swamp, although not the main setting of the movie, explains many of the emotions of the charactersthroughout the film. The main ideas and points to the movie were constantly changing, yet eventually came to significant ending.

The color green is linked to many of the experiences and emotions ofthe film. Envy, the act of wanting something more than the person who has it, was represented through Charlie and Susan. Charlie describes, in the beginning of thFilm adaptation
.... Film makers are not known for offering such blunty commerical reasons for making particular adaptations, and, while the writing of the adaptation isitself is .... (971 4 )

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The movie Adaptation is meant to grab the attention of viewers on many levels. .... The word Adaptation it self suggests constantchange. .... (670 3 )

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