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In their article “Coping with Procrastination,” Moore, Baker and Packer, write about “Procrastinators usually have good reasons for their procrastination(some would call them excuses): “didn’t have time,” “didn't feel well," "couldn't figure out what to do," "couldn't find what I need”, "the weather was toobad" -the list is never-ending.” There are many reasons why people have the habit of being procrastinators, you may not feel confident the work will make,so be perfectionists who are afraid of the outcome, do not feel the motivation to perform the task, are so full of important responsibilities that timedoes not allow them to accomplish the task or simply do not know how to begin. Many of these reasons is that sometimes make you feel that cold not Olympiclets you start any task.

In my experience, I can say that where I am a procrastinator is more at work of the university, sometimes I have the time socompromised that I find it almost impossible to draw a space of days to complete some work at the university. For example in my case I have a full time job,seventeen college credits, a husband and the responsibility of a home, and although I know that should not be an excuse every time I have to do a task of theuniversity always left for last with the excuse that I have time and more relaxed when I do. Sometimes I think the reality is that not having the time ofdefects will not have a good result but the reality is that I need a speared in the responsibilities I have in my life to so stop being a procrastinator person.
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