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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2010
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Is it good idea to call off classes to take part in a demonstration?
Classes were canceled the last Thursday to take part in a demonstration. Some people agree with this kind ofmeasures. However, others feel that it is not fair for students.
This essay will look at some of the arguments for and against suspension of classes.
People that are in favor of callingoff classes to take part in a demonstration said that students have rights to protest against what they think it’s wrong, and if it’s necessary to lose classes to do that then it’s ok.Others said that is necessary to make presence in this kind of measures because we have to show that we are a united university, that we are a strong students community, and that we havealso to support our other partners of the others universities.
In fact it´s fair and necessary to take part in this kind of measures because we have to put our voices in the sky toprotest again unfair decisions about education.
In spite of the opinions given in favor, other people are against calling off classes.
Although these people are against losing classes,they are also in favor of protesting and defend the student’s rights.
Those who are against think that is a waste of time for the students that aren’t taking part in the march to loseclasses, they think that our schedule get delay.
But, students that take part in this demonstration are few ones, whereas the rest of the students that don’t take part are losingclasses.
Our semester is quite short, although there were few hours of closing the university, it´s waste time that we can’t regain.
I think that we have the rights to protest againstthings that aren’t good for us, but the authorities must organize these measures in student’s free hours and the students that aren’t taking part in the marches should have classes normally.
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