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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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Texts can be narrating the same story, or the same event, but they can be written differently or have different mood and tones. For instance in the poem “Daffodils” by William Wordworth, and thediary entry by Dorthy Wordsworth; sister of William Wordsworth.
In the poem “Daffodils” Wordsworth personifies the daffodils. Stating on how the daffodils company fill with happiness a vacant, lonelyfeeling he fills inside. Wordsworth admires all the nature around him, he observes the waves of the lake. Although the waves of the lake are in constant motion the daffodils outdid the water in glee.“Out-did the sparkling water in glee: A poet could not be but gay”
On the other hand, Dorothy Wordsworth writes a diary entry of the event. She portrays the daffodils and the setting of the entry. Shespeaks of the flowers and personifies them by writing, “some rested their heads upon these stones”
Having in mind that one text is a poem and the other is a diary entry “Daffodils” has a more lyricalwriting into it whereas the diary entry is more descriptive. The poem consists of six stanzas with rhymes, and the diary entry is just a paragraph.
In the poem Wordsworth uses different techniques ofwriting such as: figurative language, imagery, and personification are used to successfully express his joy and feelings of glee in the vision of the daffodils dancing in the breeze. He usesfigurative language to describe himself into the poem. Combining images, similes and words that denote mood, atmosphere and colors to reflect the changes in the speaker's position. He uses each stanza of thepoem to share his experience with nature.
In contrast, the diary extract has a more direct mood or tone into it. Dorthy uses descriptive language and personification being able to describe thescenery of Gowbarrow Park, the flowers and the lake. She uses a plethora of adjectives to achieve this imagery.
Dorothy writes in a realist like style, whereas William writes in a romantic ballad...
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