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A lots of studies show that addiction is a disease and is considered a physical or psychological dependence on a substance or activity. The mentalpart of the disease, therefore, is a sophisticated system of self-deception, of denial and justification to go back over and over consumption.

The “cyberadicction” isconsidered a “modern addiction”, focuses on online games, social networking and pornography. If we relate it with alcoholism, the alcoholic achieves its desired moodsthrough the liquor, Cyberadicct does so through a computer, sustaining that is normal to be connected more than 10 hours a day, every day of his life; alcoholic hasproblems to socialize with the people who reject the excessive consumption of liquor and cyberaddicts only have relationships through network and lose the ability to donormally, rejecting the physical contact with the people; and alcoholic consider that his real life is when is in state of drunkenness.

In both cases, cyberaddictionand alcoholism are characterize by the loss of control and dependency generation, moreover, in each of the addictions people may perceive the need for higher doses, inthe case of alcohol, consuming more liquor, in the case of cyberaddict spend more time connected to the network to satisfy their needs.

The founder of the Americancyberdependent aid organization "Online Gamers Anonymous", Elizabeth Woolley, told that the situation will be worse.
"More and more people hooked. In a year from nowthere will be even greater increase in those wanting to leave: will those who began compulsively play in times of crisis, hiding in their virtual world," said Wolley.
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