Ensayo de dinero en runescape

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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2011
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First, you should do the Stronghold of Security, and the Player Safety Center, both located under Edgeville. You should end up with cool boots, and some cool gloves, and 20k.
2Go to the Grand Exchange, which is west of Edgeville, buying 100 oak logs. Now, go to the sawmill and make all of these oak logs into oak planks. (Please note, it costs about 250gpeach to make a plank, and the oak logs have to be unnoted)
This will get you around 500k, if you do this for about 2 hours, or 1 hour.
Oak planks is great money, and this istoo.

Bowstrings! believe me, this is great cash, no matter what anybody says, if you are lazy, this will great you around 120-150k an hour. Pick flax, string it into Bowstrings (orBS, as we call it, this also requires 10 crafting) and sell in increments of 500 or more. This is amazing cash, trust me, I did this for 1 week and got 3.8M, and trust me, I amvery lazy.
Spend money on skills, like 55 magic, 60 crafting, 70 fletching, high firemaking, and high cooking, and the big shwoop, MINING. I recommend saving all ores you getfrom level 1 mining to level 55, then sell them all, and then mine coal or mithril as much as you can. Then mine adamant ore when you can, and the motherload, rune ore. I have noexperience with rune ore, but my friend says he plays for 2 hours a day, and makes 1M-1.3M a day.
Fletching and smithing if you can, or runecrafting. Runecraft nature runes via theabyss, this makes around 500k an hour, and fletching yew longs (u), where you buy the logs, fletch, and resell, or buy 1k yew logs, cut into yew long (u)s and craft 1k naturerunes (or nats, as they call them) and buy 1k bowstrings. High alch all of the yew longs. Maybe, you could smith steel platebodys and above and high alch, which is great money.
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