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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2011
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The profession that i chose is an excellent option in my life although initially I was a little undecided because I wanted to be a chef but I couldn´t affortthat career. Right now I am happy to have chosen a nutrition career, and I finish the next year.

My life has changed completely since I've forced to explore andmake a career and be somebody better every day as a person and later as a professional but I would like to continue studying a specialty in children with wrongnutrition as there are too many here in Mexico if children are also obese I like to treat people and provide nutritional support.

The most interesting thing Ilearned during my degree is to learn good eating habits and bad as knowing whether each of the foods that exist in Mexico, also helped me to change my eating habitswith my family and people who have come to me to teach them to eat.

The best motivation I've had to make is the effort made by my family for supporting methroughout my degree and more at moments that I thought giving up

. I think that being almost on the brink of my degree is an achievement but it is not myultimate goal because I want captions and perform as a professional have my own things, my house and a stable job.

I am grateful to God and all the friends who werein my way, offering his support and friendship. Also thankful to my boyfriend who was an example for me and was always on my side. I really hope to finish myEnglish courses that really help me and I know at some point in my life will I need. Those are my goals, so, I hope not only to reach the summit, I hope can sustain it.