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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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How did I find English course?
In this new thing of English laboratory, I felt a very different thing of being in a boring class, in which we only used to review all the whole thing oftheory, with a little practicing like the conversation that were indicated in the books, with this new whole thing of class, I really like the idea of practicing now our level of English with thereading and the videos, in fact, this new idea of making listening, reading, and conversation made a new form of practicing English, instead of making every semester the same review of the themeswe have already learnt for a long time.
I found this course very easy like the other semesters, because I have been practicing English for many years.
With this new class, I’ve found a formto practice all I’ve learnt of English in a very different way, I really liked the plays that we showed to our partners in school; it was a very funny form to show our English level.
SomethingI disliked was the reading room, because there were a few books and some of them were boring, for instance, I have to choose the book of “The Antichrist”, because it was the most “interesting”book that was left, I really disliked the book and for the tests, It was hard for me to write something that I wasn’t reading with the fervor of reading a book.
The plays and acting thefriends’ videos were a great way of making more didactic the class, I only suggest having books more interesting and a variety of them.
Sometimes I felt the teacher was rude in his way of being withus, which was something I really hate.
Instead of that, the course was for me a good new way for practicing our English, acquiring new forms of making conversations, listening some speakinglessons and taking English to the real life, not only in books.
I also think this is a great way of realizing our English levels and improving them, just taking English to a part of our life.
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