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One out of three girls in the United States is abused in anyway, physically, mentally or sexually. This is huge problem that can cuase traumas in the person’s life, like in the case of Geraldand Angel, which are abused by their step father in all of the possible ways, while its mother pretend nothing is happening. The scary and triumph tones in Forged by Fire, of Sharon M. Draper reflecthow Gerald and his family had a miserable life, which changed when Jordan died.

In “Forged by Fire” the writer use lots of symbolism to show messages by objects in the book. In the book, thesymbolism of the “harsh red flames” (Pg.10, paragraph 2) that provoqued dolor to Gerald by making him “curling up in his unusual position, thumb in his mouth, crying softly” (Pg. 11, Paragraph 2). Theflames show how a problem starts, and in the end of the book, it ends other one. This means that the fire showed chaos in the opening of the book, making Gerald’s life to change suddenly, and the bookcloses in a fire killing Jordan. The author do this to symbolize that fire is something that can have a lot of effects, such as life changes in Gerald’s case, chaos and desesperation when it killedJordan in the apartment, which caused gratification to Monique and his child’s because he was the abuser of the family. Also, the appearance of Jordan described him as “hard black muscled” (pg.35,paragraph 2), which make the people fear his “cold, hard looks” (pg.37, paragraph 6), like Gerald and Angel did. This shows that the author describes Jordan as an abominable person, which scares the children.The author does this to show that Jordan is going to make the lives of his family miserable and will make them feel disconsolate. To finish, he symbolisms show the reader hidden items that the authorwant them to see.

The story has changes in its chronological order that makes the reader confuse. In the book is showed how Gerald “One time remembers he had got downtown with Aunt Queen to gas...
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