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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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The history of Christmas dates back to thousand years. In fact many of the Christmas traditions celebrated these days were also in existence centuries before the birth ofJesus Christ. In the Western world, the Christmas Day has been celebrated as the birthday of Jesus since AD 354. However, later in the eighteenth century, anotheralternative explanation came out, according to which, the date of Christmas was chosen to match up with the winter solstice, which was again marked in the ancient times on the sameday (December 25).

If we are to find the roots of the Christmas traditions, we may need to go back to the age of Mesopotamian culture which had the tradition ofcelebrating New Year. The same kind of tradition was also the part of the Persian and Babylonian culture. They had the festival called the ‘Sacaea’. On the other hand, there wasalso a festival in Scandinavia known as ‘Yule’, which was celebrated during the winter months. All these festivals have had great impact on the present day Christmas.

Thecustoms of the modern age Christmas started in the Middle Ages. The carol became associated with the birth of Jesus Christ since the 14th century. The Saints Day has alsocontributed in a great way in Christmas History. With the course of time, a number of other customs also got associated with the occasion.

I can still remember when mymom told me that Santa Claus does not exist, I stayed silent for a while, then I ran to the bathroom and stayed there crying inside, do not cry but remember how disappointedI turned cold with people, also with my family ... but now I see things differently, because in life there will always be disappointments and sorrows, but always smile
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