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Powerware series

Eaton 9130 UPS

• Protects against downtime, data loss and process interruption by providing continuous, clean power • Offers premium performance with a 0.9 power factor and >95 percent efficiency • Increases battery service life and system uptime with ABM® battery charging technology • Enables prolonged runtime of essential equipment during power outages byallowing for orderly, remote shutdown of non-critical systems or processes • Provides installation flexibility with a choice of rack or tower designs, both conserving valuable space

Product snapshot
Product rating: Voltage Frequency: Configuration: 700 to 3000 VA 120 Vac, 208–240V 50/60 Hz (auto-sensing) Rackmount or tower

• Ensures data and system integrity with LanSafe® power managementsoftware • Provides a two-year limited warranty, an extended warranty, Flex™ and PowerTrust™ service contracts, and a $250,000 load protection guarantee (US and Canada)

Advanced power protection for: • IT and networking environments • Servers, networking gear • Telecommunications, VoIP security systems , • Medical systems • Diagnostics and medical screening • Patient record archives • Manufacturingsystems • Chip fabrication • Pharmaceutical production • Chemical processing

A one-stop solution providerpartner, Eaton® provides worldclass power protection, power management and distribution products including uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), DC power systems, award-winning power management software and world-class services. Our Powerware® series has been recognized by end-users andindustry experts for delivering the highest customer value and satisfaction, as well as for demonstrating insight into customer needs. The newest Powerware series addition, the Eaton 9130 UPS, resolves utility power problems and delivers superior power protection for IT and networking equipment, medical systems, manufacturing process control— or anywhere critical equipment and applications requireclean, continuous power.

Double-conversion design for superior power protection
The 9130 is constantly monitoring power conditions—regulating both voltage and frequency. Even when presented with the most severe power problems, this UPS’s output remains within three percent of nominal voltage. With a wide input voltage range, the 9130 does not depend on batteries to smooth out minor powerfluctuations. Batteries are conserved for those times when utility power is highly unstable or completely out. If an outage occurs, the 9130 transfers to battery with zero interruption in power, making this an ideal UPS for sensitive and critical equipment.

More real power for less cost
More real power. High 0.9 output power factor enables the 9130 to provide its full power capability to modern ITequipment that may have a wide range of leading and lagging power factors. With a 0.99 input power factor, this UPS avoids the disturbances that some energy converters tend to cause. High efficiency. The more efficient the UPS, the lower your utility and cooling bills. Even a small increase in efficiency can quickly translate into thousands of dollars. When power conditions are within acceptablelimits, the 9130 can operate in a remarkably high-efficiency mode: 95 percent efficient or higher.

Stronger, longer battery life with exclusive ABM technology
Most UPS manufacturers on the market today employ a constant ‘trickle-charging’ system, which can ultimately reduce potential battery service life by as much as 50 percent. In contrast, ABM technology uses sophisticated sensing circuitryand an innovative three-stage charging technique that significantly extends UPS batteries’ useful service life while optimizing their recharge time. The 9130 provides up to 60 days’ notice of the end of useful battery service life. You have

ample time to hot-swap batteries without ever having to shut down connected equipment.

Advanced design and selfmonitoring for premium availability
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