Ensayo de my sistrer's kepper

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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I liked a lot the movie because in it you learned to valorize your family and what you have; you realize the meaning of the things not only material. You can realize the meaning of your family,friends, love and the love of god. Like Kate said in the movie “I have an guardian angel that have taken care of me every minute every day”. “No matter how sick I am, know I’m not alone.”

In thewhole world exist persons like Kate that are in better, worst or same conditions like her. In these persons there is something special that we can see in them, that no matter how is there conditionsthey always have thing they want to keep on for. Her maturity, her way of thinking about life helps her to keep on living. Is like the beach scene (one of my favorites) Kate already know her fate and sheknows that her time here on earth finished and that it was just time to say goodbye not with a look of pain was with satisfaction in his eyes because she had obtained in life that she so desire. Tobe grateful, to have had what was and not to think about what she might have, is what makes the game and that her departure be supportive not only with her but with everyone around her.

In theconflicts that arise in the film that caught my attention is the part of the birth of Anne. That action of the parents I found it extremely unfair, selfish and desperate.
I found it unfair because itis not just a human being is coming to the world with the sole desire to be an object of salvation for another human being. I ask my self what would have happened if Kate had just been a healthygirl, with no problem. Would they have given birth to Ana? Would they treat her the same way? To me these are the questions that drive Anna to accept the request of his sister because she thought that wasa way to help her sister.

At an early age we do not have enough capacity to understand many things, like we're dying, that our parents are getting divorced, we lost the mortgage or other...
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