Ensayo de transportacion (en ingles)

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Transportation essay

When the humans have arrived to the huge earth they have always needed a way in which they could travel faster and safer because of survival and other needs.The technology has been advancing over the past thousands of years and it has revolutionized many aspects of our life from houses to an everyday jacket. Now days in this vast world we use many types oftransportation that help us get around for our needs or for our wants. It started out a long time ago where people used horses to travel around in a much quicker/effective way. Later on this became alittle dangerous due to thieves and other bad people so they designed the wagon , it was better because the passengers would go inside while the driver was outside driving it with the horses. Thistype of transportation was used for a long time and after a while they wanted to go faster and they made some iron horseshoes for the horses so that they wouldn’t get injured. People wanted to cross therivers and they created river boats that where consisted in some oars and a curved base so that it floated. Later on the people wanted to travel faster and without having to use oars so a man calledMarquis Claude created a steamboat. People where already having ideas of flying so they created a hot air balloon but it was very slow. Later they created modern bicycles so that people could ride insmall distances in a fast way and then in 1825 the first railway was made. As you can see to the right of the page there is a drawing in pencil of what the railway looked like.
In this essay I amgoing to talk about the man that wanted to fly.

Since the humans gazed an eye at the birds they wanted to soar through the sky and to travel faster. On the left of the page you can see the Wrightbrothers who were really important in the process of flying later on you will see why. After a while of trying and trying to elevate the human body a wise man called Leonardo DaVinci had drawn a lot of...
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