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1) Philip  will be  15 nest wednesday.   (to be)
2) They  going to get  a new computer. (toget)
3) I think, my mother  will like  this CD.  (to like)
4) Paul´s sisiter  going to have a baby.  ( to have)
5) They will arrive  at about 4 inthe afternoon.  (to arrive)
6) Just a moment. I  will help  you with the bags.  (to help)
7) In 2020 people  will buy  more hybrid cars.  (to buy)8) Marvin  going to throw  a party next week.  (to throw)
9) We  going to fly  to venice in june.  (to fly)
10) Look at the clouds! It  going torain  soon.  (to rain)
1) I (play) have played football for five years.
2) My team(win/only) has won two matches so far.
3) The others (be/always) have been  better.
4) Are we not thereyet? We (walk) have walked  for hours.
5) Butwe (cover/only) have covered an area of five miles so far.
6) I (finish/just)  have finishing my homework.
7) I (work) have worked on this essaysince two o´clock.
8) jane (go out) has gone out with Bob for seven years.
9) Martin (date) has dated three girls this week.
10) How long (wait/you)has waiting for us?
11) I (play/not) have played the computer for half an hour, only for about 5 minutes.
12) Bob (drive/not) has driven a car foreight years.
13) Carla (go/not) has gone on holiday for three years.
14) We (run/not) have run for 40 minutes yet - there are still 10 minutes left.
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