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Questions: Tips of Selection Methods

1. What other selection methods can you speak about that are not mentioned in the text? (Use in Colombia).

The other kind of methods used inColombia besides those mentioned in the text are:

• Commercials or Internet Advertisement: The type of information that makes reaching people interested in employment through mass media asBumeran.com.

Gillette or even companies such Manpower use this method to reduce costs and the selection time in more that 50%.

• Education institutions: It happens whenuniversities offer the facility to hire for companies that need people in their several areas.

• Employment Agencies: These organizations are responsible for providing, to companies that needqualified candidates for a job vacancy and also a professional guide about where they can get a serious job. UsaJobs “Working for America”.

2. What issues (Political, economical, social, etc) can youspot and argument.

• Social problem: Suddenly a company can present situations as discrimination not only in terms of race or religion, but also in terms of genre, where a woman can beused in terms of work for a man or vice versa and this will bring internal conflicts.

• Economy problem: The global crisis of last years, the fall and rise of national and internationalcurrencies.

• Environmental problems: Situations which happen due to established policies that simply do not allow complete development of different business functions of the company.

3.What would be the approach you took for selecting people in your company and why?

• Focus Group Interview: Is a type of group of people who observe a development an intervention. Itsfunction is to obtain information about their opinions, attitudes and experiences or even their expectations about the job.

Is also use as a Market investigation method, the successful of...
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