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Para empezar el nombre del libro es DONDE HABITAN LOS ANGELES es un libro que relata la historia de un niño que paso de unas simples vacaciones en casa de sus tipos a vivir toda su infancia con ellos.
Este libro lo escogí ya que pues es una historia no muy bonita pero muy interesante prácticamente es la historia de una vida, es la historia de una vida de un niño llegando hasta suprofesión con la ayuda de sus tíos y claro siempre con la historia clásica del final de muerte pero con su misterio…
Bueno el libro es muy interesante aparte de ser de un simple niño.
Tiene muchos capítulos y relata como todo joven también su infancia, familia novias etc.
Es un libro corto pero muy bueno y nos enseña lecciones importantes en cada uno d sus capítulos

Panchito is achild who will spend the holidays in San Miguel de Allende at her uncle and Aunt Chabela Tacho, with all his cousins, as it does every year. For all was quite an important experience that educated Tacho uncle to his nephews to be very demanding. He was a little scary because I never expected the guy he was up to them a lesson. The lesson that greeted them was the casting of lots to decide who had towait until after the car back by the overflow, this helped them to him and his cousins to be more courageous. Another lesson was not to play or mistreating things other than him, though his uncle had told him he could do. He also learned to swim, eat chili, not to trust both people no longer assume that someone will do something before it has been secured.

At the end of the holidays all thecousins returned to their homes, but Panchito was because his father had died and his mother was not keen to take home. Panchito was growing with the love of his uncles. His uncle was a doctor Anastasio while mayor and his loving Aunt was very dedicated and kind. They were fond of while Panchito became the son he once had for him and his uncles, his parents.

When his first return for Easter, hisuncle told them a story while he was studying for Military Health said they had arrested and required to attend an important meeting and would not let him leave his room. And jumping from the window thinking he could fly focus and made it. Panchito next day I try to do the same but fell with a heavy blow, where Panchito learned the lesson not to believe everything they tell you. These samevacation uncle took them to see a scary movie, no one knew what it was. Panchito also hearing that his uncle was going to give Little work because his father had no money, asked for a job, but his uncle gave it with no salary, he was very excited because I had no idea what those mean .

When they were his cousins, Panchito continued to receive lessons from their experiences through guys. Once his unclehad told his wife he was going to go to Celaya, but had been left half way on a play with his friends. But he tried to justify saying that already the mere intention of wanting to go there, he had gone. Chabelita gave a lesson to the dinner by saying he was going to make mole, and when he sat for a bean bag is she trying to justify saying that already the mere intention of wanting to make molehad. This was a lesson for the guy and a lesson for Panchito. He found his aunt's ability to make poems, and his uncles had had a child who had died.

The years passed and their cousins the great married, single and Caty Chucho stayed behind. To Panchito was very strong for his cousin he loved most: the Little like everyone else and not going so often to San Miguel.

Later he fell in love with agirl who had very bad intentions with it, this is very disillusioned because he thought it was different. Then he fell in love with a girl named Alexandra was a beautiful girl and all was well in their relationship until panchito discovered that she was sick and die. And so it was dead and no longer wanted to live.
The guy gave her a trash climbing gear for the climb up a mountain and face...
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