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Exposure of a Doll Woman
Nora Helmer; the protagonist of this play, is a wife, mother and a dependent woman to her male counterpart; her husband Torvald. Her road to independence began she startedto confront the people that oppressed her and face the consequences of her actions. In the beginning we met a very submissive but deceitful woman, a result of her upbringing in a male chauvinistsociety. As we move forward we are revealed into secrets about the actions she has taken; behind the backs of her kin and kith, to help her husband that has also caused her to make discoveries andconflicts about herself and her views on life. In the end she confronts those around her and reveals herself as a new independent and determined woman. But it took a long way and some events for her to becomeindependent from living a life of attachment.
Nora grew up in an oppressive society. Her upbringing always had her bind to a person, usually a male figure. In the beginning of her life she was bindto her father. She became accustomed to the chauvinism that surrounded her. When she got married, this did not change. She remained a submissive young woman with no goals of her own other than toplease her husband and raise children. It was what was expected of her, until she had to make a decision for herself or be given the chance to act out of her own spontaneous self; it seemed that therewould be no change for her. Now even though everything just said previously is an assumption based on information given early and through the story it helps set the process of understanding her characterarc. By the time we meet Nora in the story she has already undergone change and what we; the audience, meet is a charmingly deceitful woman with a secret. What catalyzed this change? The moment Norais faced by her husband’s illness.
The moment Torvald became ill and the doctor said that only taking a trip somewhere south he would see improvements gave Nora the opportunity to do something out...
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