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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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The Graffiti
There is much debate about whether graffiti is an artistic expression or just an act of vandalism. The graffiti began in the 60's in New York City, mostly influenced by Hip-Hop music.This can be either through a default or vandalism, as a cultural expression. Graffiti, like any art, is driven by the need to express appreciation and seeking to find a particular recognition in theworld of graffiti.
The graffiti also is called "pints": Is the result of painting in the walls, often with political content or social, without the permission of the owner of the property. Has gainedfame in the long of the time, either for good or bad, therefore, is a bad tried by the society that, the bands painted the ownership of the people without their permission. This type of acts, are verybad, because it lacks the respect for innocent people who are not to blame, and that it will go with them or with their culture, for that make them this type of things, so it is also, cost much moneythe equipment needed to erase the graffiti and is in that, in what should be put to think the painters, therefore, which is a way to mark their territory or put its signature or simply for fun, is anuisance to others.
There are many theories about whether the graffiti is or is not an art form; it is simply not art, because if it is, no serious something that was prohibited and punishable bylaw, also, serious recognized throughout the world and not be allowed to paint on walls, however, serious allowed in arts institutions. It is only a form of expression of teens who want to be recognizedin the world of graffiti. This well that the teens want expressed through the graffiti, but also has to take into account that they can do without causing inconvenience to the other people and withoutaffecting anyone. Perhaps in a future very, very distant future, the graffiti can be seen as art but by the time, will continue the conflict in the paints of graffiti in places without the approval...
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