Ensayo en ingles sobre el problema del gobierno

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  • Publicado : 22 de mayo de 2011
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The way in which Mexico´s government is handling politics has brought on adverse consequence on our current situation…
In Mexico the people is exhausted of big problems that unfortunately haveconcerned the whole society, the form of life has changed, our form of thinking every day become different, problems that have caused us to change everything, leaving everything and the principalresponsible on this problems it is the government; A government that for nature is corrupt, abusing because they have a lot of authority over civilians and is very difficultly to fight cause it is a productcreated and modify for them themselves, and as consequence of this we are now on a problem of social disorganization and this make even a major deficiency in the sector. I think the most importantproblems is the insecurity and economic situation.
Nowadays the country in on big difficult and this is cause by the insecurity, the society has to be on the limit of create marches for the peace,demanding a new social agreement with the purpose of gain peace, justice and dignity.
The same society informs that if this continues in the same situation I would be unpredictable consequences. Withthe same form they have had to be seen in the need to do speeches of protest affirming that it wont be elections for this 2012 by virtue of pressing to the governmental structures.
The principalcause of insecurity is the organized crime, that unfortunately is has grow up to all the country taking as consequents many dead people, a lot of scary from all the people. Many people think that on thisproblem the government is involved, that the Mexican drugs band has buy many of the civil servants to inform all the police movements or even though the same cops are involved on the gangs.
We knowthat on Mexico it prevails the corruption, they know all the problems and they know also who is involve but sadly all this guys working on the police are being paid for their silence or help and...
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