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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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The story that was already told

The sports are kind of like a relxing acivity, sometimes they re used to scape of the problems that you have or maybe just to full the empty space that you wouldhave.
That was the case of emily, she was the kind of girl that was always sad and angry, and that start to happened since her grandpa died.

She used to spend almost all the day crying, she don`teat as she regulary used to eat and when she was not crying she was sleeping because at night she can not sleep.

After fourth months emily started to spend almost all the day sleeping and even ofthat, she was all the time tired, bored and she felt that nothing was enough for her; One day she wake up, take a shower, eat her breakfast and go to the school with the intention to ask for help to thepsychologist because she was tired of feel empty inside.

The first thing that she did , was go to the psychologist to talk to her , as she was already planed it.
It was kind of awkward becausethat was the first time that emily have been talking to someone about how she felt without being judged.

So she decided to keep going to her session with her psychologist everyday.

Have been pastone month already and today the psychologist told emily something that will change her life; she told to emiliy that she had to spend her time making excercise, she had to look for sport that shewould like or go to the gym.

And casually that day the volleyball team of the school was looking for players, so emily decided to go to the practice and check for an oportunity at the team.

At theend of the practice the lider of the team told her that she was really good and she invited her to be at the team, and emily acepted.

Now Emily have five monts practicing and today is her firstmatch, since emily started to lay volleyball she had not time to cry, to feel empty or sad, she is in love of the volleyball.

This is a story that maybe was already told or maybe not, but i think...
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