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The name of Halloween comes from " All-Hallows-Even " (that is the night before All Hallows Day).

Halloween called Hallowe'en too, it is a holiday that we celebrate on October 31.
That day we cando activities such as "trick-or-treating", attending to costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, or/and watching horror films!

I'm going to explain the origins ofHalloween.

We celebrate Halloween but much people don't know why we celebrate this holiday.
Some thousand years ago the "Celts" were in what is now known as Britain and France, and they celebrate "NewYear" on November 1, so they start a new “year” on October 31, but they don't celebrate having fun! (Pretty bad don’t think?) They took this really serious and their priests dedicated the night to"Samhain" the gentleman of the death (known as "The death knight" too).

The tradition consisted on sacrificed horses and sometimes humans too, to chase witches and evil spirits because the "Celts"believed that the dead people back on "Samhain". This dead people ask for food to the frightened villagers who cursed and were victims of their spells if they didn't acceded to their requests (Referenceto "Trick or Treat").

After, the Romans took Celt's domains. This persons have a feast called "Pomona", this one consisted on the goddess of fruits and seeds, they adapt Celt's manners so thefestival of the dead has been called Parentalia. In those days was the wake of apple harvest so apples became famous to eat in those days. (Now we ate caramel or taffy apples on Halloween, but I guessmost candies ha ha)

Years after Christ when Christianity was spread, the priests saw with disgust that there were still some believers with Samhain and Pomona (and this was not right for theChristians). So they decided to make those festivals to a Christian one. So they establish the November 1 as "All Saints Day". (On England translated like "All Hallow Day", " and the next day was called "All...
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