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I have taught that human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent. When we have spoken of the right to live, or development, or to dissent and diversity, is when we have spoken of tolerance. Sincerely, tolerance will ensure all freedoms. Without it, we have been certain of none.
Our country has been founded on the basic idea that all man andwomen are created equal with liberty and justice for all. We must respect and preserve the rights of all, for when the rights of one is has been threaten the rights of all have been diminished. Sometimes, we´ve forgotten that tolerance and mercy have always and in all cultures been ideals of government rule and human behavior. In the present it have been possible call these ideals human rights.Human rights have to be respected and preserved if we´ve progressed as a society and as people.
Human rights have been those rights which are inherent in each of us by virtue of the fact that we have been members of the human species. For example, one human right would be the right of living free from unprovoked acts of violence. Another has been the right of being recognized and respected as aperson. Without respect for each others basic human rights, organized anything would be virtually impossible. The law of the land would have been replaced by the law of the jungle.
The protection of human rights has kept alive the essential fact of any organized society. Respect and protection of human rights and organized government can not be separated; one hasn’t been able to exist without theother. Human rights are and were the expression of those traditions of tolerance in all religious and cultures that have become the basis of peace and progress. Human rights are foreign to no culture and native to all nations. Tolerance and mercy have always and in all cultures been ideals of government rule and human behavior. Today, we call these ideals human rights.
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It is very good to be healthy. Health is a big and many-sided area of human life. I have thought that among all questions related to the human's body, the health must overcome all other aspects and become the main reference point for finding the answers. But in practice the practice it hasn´t been so, and very often people may harm themselves even if they knew that they were doingsomething wrong. There are some simple advices, which will help you to save your health, and to stay healthy you should follow them.
It is important for all of us to stay in good health. At first, remember that the rational nutrition have always played a significant role. The every day food has been supporting our bodies. Thus, it is very important for health to give for body all it needs withmeal. Natural vitamins could be a good solution here. There are a lot of high-quality vitamins in fresh greens, and non-polluted vegetables. So, I should have them in your every day ration. They have been useful for adults, as well as for children. If you haven´t eaten any vitamins then your organism will be weak, and you can easily could have got sick.
Second important thing is that you shouldhave got in for sport. It is not necessary must be a kind of professional sport; you just have needed to spend more time outside and too have led an active way of life. That helps in very big degree to keep our body strong and healthy, and mind fresh. Those who haven´t gotten into sports can possibly got already obesity, which certainly is very bad for the health.
Yet another thing that you mustconsider is avoid smoking and drinking in excess. If you have ever ignored this advice, then you have been destroying your health, and perhaps without having noticed it.
I believe that health is very important for you and all human beings. It is really easy to destroy it, but then it have become very hard, and sometimes even impossible, to rebuild it. So, people have free will to make the...
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