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The next movie called 9 (Nine) is a movie to see with friends or family. The type of the movie is Adventure, action and animation.
The writers are Pamela Pettler (screenplay) and Shane Acker(story).
The film lasts 79 minutes.


1. Christopher Plummer : 1
2. Martin Landau : 2
3. John C. Really : 5
4. Crispin Glover : 6
5. Jennifer Connelly : 7
6. Fred Tatasciore: 8
7. Elijah Wood : 9
8. Alan Oppenheimer : The Scientist
9. Tom Kane : Dictator
10. Helen Wilson : Newscaster

After a global disaster in which the machines wiped outthe existence of planet Earth, a group of survivors emerge. This is a small number of characters that have their own life and feelings. They know very well why they are there but will try to find out.The protagonist is 9, the latest in a series of mechanical creatures who wakes up and decides to seek answers. A short time begins to know his other brothers who are called by numbers all.

Inaddition they also inhabit a series of evil spirits of an earlier civilization. As soon as the protagonist is aware of its reality and devastated the fragile ecosystem in which it moves, decide toseek the reason for their existence, going to the source of their existence. An expedition will embark on a journey to an old factory where it seems that in something related to their past lives.

Thebodies of the dolls are made ​​of burlap.
The number nine has a zipper in the center of your body.
Unlike their peers who use buttons, snaps, ruby, in the case of the number seven in particular hasno type of closure in the center of the chest as opposed to their peers.
The eyes are mini binoculars.
The hands are of different shapes and materials, such as those of the number nine arewell-made and detailed.

Group classification

The note of the group to the movie on the scale of "1 to 7", we classified as a final note with the note of "6".

Title chosen by the group.
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