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Chile is a country with a diverse climate, in the north the climate is war, in the center we found four season of the year, in contrast in the south the climate is cold.
The south of Chileis so famous for his climate; it is covered of huge forests, a lot of lakes and abundant vegetation. One of the most beautiful cities is Frutillar, it is located in the south, and is known for hisgreat German cake shop and his view to the Llanquihue Lake. Advanced to the south it is found “La Isla Grande de Chiloe”, it is a city with a lot of myths, legends, typical food and TraditionalistsParties. This island is surrounded of tourist attractive, within these are “Palafitos”, this are houses that are built on pillars of wood. Also it is found some churches; these were declared a WorldHeritage Site. Within the typical food is “Curanto”, it is a dish that outdoors prepare carrying the mane of “Curanto en Hoyo”, is make in a pit dug in the ground. The bottom iscovered with stones that are heated in a bonfire. Then placed the seafood, meat, potatoes, sausages, chapalele, mircao and vegetables. At the end it is covered with huge leaves of a plant called “Pangue”. The traditionalistsparties are composed for folk groups of different parts of Chile, inclusive Isla de Pascua, these parties are made in January and February. The custom of his habitant mix mythology and Catholicism, andpeople is so friendly.
I think it is a pleasure to be with family and share a moment of tranquility and harmony with and disconnect from the modern world and connect with the nature.

Chile es un paíscon un variado clima, en la zona norte el clima es cálido y, en el centro encontramos las cuatro estaciones del año, en contraste cambio en la zona sur el clima es frio.
El sur de chile es muyfamoso por clima húmedo, está cubierto de extensos bosques, numerosos lagos y vegetación. Una de las ciudades más hermosas que se en el sur de chile es Frutillar, es reconocida por su gran...
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