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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2010
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The drugstore gives your medications according your conditions and needs.Walgreens has everything necessary for people. Specially when I need something for school, must buy a gift happens for mymind Walgreens. Besides the mentioned things the service of photo us developing and pharmacist. Walgreens opened 24 hours. Only some drugstores of these especially when they are new close tothem 10 pm.

Walgreens has for entertainment or gifts for children. There a corridor of very entertaining toys. Have dolls, carts, board games, and others. In addition it has a corridor ofcards for gift. For example: birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc. complete for a good gift are necessary the balloons. In this have globes of different colors, topics and designs.

Hasa product for the care of your health and your skin. Sells to you prescribed and not prescribed medicines. Has a great variety of medicines for the majority your needs. Sell the products foryour mouth and physical hygiene. Has a great variety of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and cleaner narrows of different brands. Has a great range of soaps in bars and liquid to bath. Deodorants of allbrands for man and woman. A great variety of cosmetics as: lipstick, delineator, massacres, etc.
Have a great variety of frozen food. Different sweets of several sizes. Sponge cakes ofdifferent flavors and brands. Cookies as: chips ahoy, oreo, cameo, etc. According to the seasons they put decorations for the house. For example in Halloween put disguises, baskets, decorations, etc.Always when a student has a project for the school always he needs it a little and because of it Walgreens has everything in school effects for example: trick, scissors, cardboards, sheen,crayons.
Walgreens is one of my favorite drugstores, in my house Walgreens's shopper cannot be absent every Sunday. It has good offers and coupons saves consumer money. Walgreens has everything.