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Write a narrative essay on your childhood.
Discuss, What things (Activities, Behavior) Would you perpetuate and Which Ones Would you change?

My childhood was not perfect, but today I oweeverything to them and only change a small part of them. The memories of my childhood are beautiful. My family always went together to the Catholic Church every Sundays. My mom never cooked the weekend and weate out. My parents have always been drivers. They taught me good values and above all to respect others. My dad and mom are principals in different schools and I don’t like studied at the sameschools that my parents work, because the students told me "the daughter of director”. In addition, always had to give much more than other students. My family was very close and were not as drivers untilmy parents decided to divorce.

My life changed when my parents divorced. Both wanted to take care of my brother and me all the time. My mother became my best friend. This was not good, because mymom wanted to control me all the time, in my thoughts and decisions. Spite the many things that have changed, always my parents give us love.

I would not change many things from my childhood. When Ihave a family would never leave my husband for being emotional harm in the lives of the children. I do not like, when my mom does think he knows them all thing (never lost). My father when he getsupset, do not talk to anyone and I do not like it. Teach him to guide cars since he was fourteen years, I still do not know. Never my children’s study where I worked some persons of the familly. Andfinally not be so manipulative and controlling with my children.

Never change many teachings of my parents. Like them would show much love to my children. We teach good values, respect, friendship,sharing and others. We instill the Catholic religion as my whole family. Support my children in all decisions that my parents like me. My family would be as united, as it was mine when I was little....
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