Ensayo para beca mba

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Describing my short and long-term goals once I finish my MBA.

In order to describe my goals in a more comprehensive and realistic manner, I do consider that it will be necessary to examine theprofessional scenario in which my career is currently standing as well as the elements given by the MBA program so that the combination of both components will lead the way to foresee my executivevocation, possibilities and performance.

As a result of the responsibilities given by my previous companies, the professional experience gained over the last six years has provided me not only theopportunity of belonging to global professional scenarios but also it has equipped myself with a multicultural view for approaching and analysing a wide range of business challenges. Moreover, thisparticular stage has offered me the occasion for identifying, at an international level, my weaknesses, like managing specific and updated financial techniques for business analysis or handling the mostupdated global business strategy practices, and strengths like leadership, problem solving skills or efficiency improvement proficiency.

According to the components mentioned afore and based on the factthat the Master in Business Administration is considered as the scientific approaches to management, I foresee myself after succeeding in the MBA program as a leader executive not only for Colombiabut also for the South American Region by means of providing a highly qualified and multicultural profile to the newest emergent market in the world.

In my opinion this will be highly likely due tothe current regional interest in moving from a domestic focus economy into a more international dynamic model and also through joining the strategy team of a multinational company in South America. Ascircumstances may require, my improved profile will aim to provide the company a wider range of global criteria elements as well as techniques for achieving the company’s goals not to mention the...
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