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Colegio Bolivar
7th Grade – Social Studies
Mr. Carpenter

Sociology Vocabulary Words / Important People

Sociology – the study of people and their interaction with those around themSociologist – someone who studies human social behavior
Theory – a generally accepted explanation for why things are the way they are
Social Facts – any social activity or situation that can be observed andthen measured

Experimental Research – researcher creates a situation to produce a specific behavior and then compares what they find with another group that he did not have their environmentchanged
Survey Research – researcher asks questions of a group focused on specific topics
Longitudinal Study – studying the same person or group over a period of time
Observation – watching andcollecting research on what you see

Social Norms – the accepted behavior and attitudes people have according to their society
Explicit Norms – spoken or written rules
Implicit Norms – unspoken orunwritten rules specific to a group
Conformity – to change your behaviors or attitude to go along with those around you

Obedient – following what others want us to do
Socialization – the idea that wehave had certain ideas reinforced to us since we were children
Foot-in-the-Door Effect – the idea people will be more likely to agree to larger demands once they have already agreed to smaller demandsStanley Milgram – psychologist in the 1960’s and 1970’s who studied obedience to authority

Social Structure – the way a society is arranged into predictable relationships
Status – a person’sposition within a larger group and their relation to others in the group
Ascribed Status - a status that is assigned to a person by society that has nothing to do with talents and abilities
AchievedStatus – a status based on traits, talents, actions, efforts, activities, and accomplishments.
Roles – socially defined expectations for how we are suppose to act according to our status
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