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To smoke or not to smoke? Is that the question?

For years we have heard that smoking causes Cancer, Brain deficiency, loss of voice, pulmonary and throat rigidness, hypertension and many other medical problems. The fact is that this is not caused to only the user, but also to the people around the user. Still it doesn’t matter; people are not willing to stop this bad habit any time soon.People have stated, “I choose to smoke, and it's only my body I am hurting." But is this really true? Recently in the 20th century people have grown more aware of what smoking can do to people and since then it has reduced a bit. A smoking-ban campaign was created and instead of cigarette prices dropping they actually raised for the first months because it drew more attention to the product, whichtriggered the whole point of what this campaign was all about. We often learn of the bad side of smoking and how this issue affects the lives of millions of people, but the fact is that even though smoking in public areas has reduced a little, it will still occur forever. With this stated should smoke-free areas be implemented?

“Yes, I think it should be banned, It causes higher risks of diseaseslike lung and other cancers, heart failure, stroke, and second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking the actual thing. So yeah...smoking should be banned in public places.” Many issues have risen since the tobacco ban-campaign; this comes with society accepting that adults can decide to harm themselves to a certain extent as long as they don’t harm others around. Tobacco is legal therefore thegovernment has no right to ban smoking in public places even if it is for the greater good. Also banning tobacco will encourage people to smoke more at home, which could harm other people in their household, usually children and could also lead to more alcohol consumption at home which will reduce the flow of the bar business and since alcohol will be more price efficient this could lead to moreserious alcohol consumption and health related alcohol issues. Banning tobacco will also lead to more police sanctions and people will be more likely to end up in a courtroom for smoking, for law disobedience. “Banning smoking in public places is widely disputed.”

I believe that smoke-free environments should be implemented everywhere, because it is a good way of reducing the smokers habit or atleast reducing the risk of other non-smokers in public places. Smoking can cause many health problems, from lung failure to lung cancer to death (could also cause the death of an unborn child). By imposing certain smoke-free areas we could reduce the risks of people suffering from the health issues sated above. We could also set a good example for future generations which causes awareness of living asmoke-free world, this is a great example of what could be done with a smoke-ban campaign, because by the time these kids get to the smoking age they might not want to do it as much. Smoke-free environments also leads to less places where smokers can go to which often leads to the smoker getting frustrated and quitting or reducing smoking time. This will also reduce the deaths of non-smokers,which is approximately 50,000 per year. A huge issue aside from health is money, a smoker can spend up to $2,000 dollars a year in cigarettes and doesn’t even know it, the economy is not in a state were dropping money on lung cancer is advantage, and on top of that the medical bills that follow are not useful either.

In conclusion, smoke-free areas should be implemented everywhere or there shouldat-least be very small smoking areas in commercial place where smoking addicts could run away for a quick fix. The cost of public smoking is way to high, lives are a valuable and should not be taken by a quick inhalation of death causing smoke in an area where people are either dinning, socializing or just having a good time. People should not be punished for another person’s bad habits. By...
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