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Literature" is sometimes differentiated from popular and ephemeral classes of writing. Terms such as "literary fiction" and "literary merit" are used to distinguish individual works as art-literature rather than vernacular writing, and some critics exclude works from being "literary". It has major form to write literature such as: the novel, poem, drama, short story and novella. The literaturecan be divided in many genres as: epic, lyric, drama, satire, mystery, tragedy, comedy, and tragicomedy.
The stories or novels based on essential elements of mystery such as the anguished condition of the protagonist, vengeance, suspense, even love and obviously mystery are classified in the genre of mystery. The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible are considered novels of mystery because of theessential elements that contain each novel.

The Scarlet Letter is a novel about a young woman, her lover and her vengeful husband these are the principal characters in this story of conflict between the passion and the convention in the rigid, Puritan world. The young woman named Hester Prynne is a strong lady that committed an error of adultery, that time adultery was considered a sin and peoplewill be punished. They imprisoned her for this sin and decreed she must wear a scarlet “A” on the bodice of her dress for the rest of her life.
The Crucible is about a vengeful teenager accuses a rival of witchcraft – and then those accusations will multiply and consume the entire village. This novel explores the commencement between individual guilt and mass hysteria, personal spite and collectiveevil.
The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible have many noticeable similarities between them, including theme, setting, conflicts, and same plot elements. Even with many noticeable similarities, the literary works are also very different.
The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible are written by two American authors, of two distinctly different time periods had one very similar task, to turn a piece ofAmerican History into a believe tragedy. The Scarlet Letter was written in the eighteen hundreds. He chooses this novel to transmit the ignominy for the Puritanism. The Crucible was written in the nineteen- fifties, with a purpose, to remind Americans the horrible witch trials that occurred in Salem, before the American Revolution.
A common element on these two novels is the setting. Both takeplace in the Massachusetts colony in North America. These two towns were colonized by Puritans, who had many religious beliefs and rules. This setting contributes to the importance of how severe Hester’s and John’s sins were in this time period.
Like Miller’s The Crucible, the Scarlet Letter has a tragic hero.The tragic hero The Crucible is John Proctor, who had an affair with the niece of ReverendParris, Abigail Williams, and after a time John decide to stop coming for her and she decide to get revenge on John by trying to get his wife tried as a witch. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne is the tragic hero. She cheats on her husband, Roger Chillingworth, with a minister, Arthur Dimmensdale, as a result of these romance they has a child named Pearl.
The antagonist of The Crucible isAbigail Williams, who after a witchcraft she and her group of teenage girls accused most of the people in the town of Salem of being practicing witchery. She drinks rooster blood in attempt to summon spirits to kill Goody Proctor, because Mrs. Proctor fired Abigail Williams because she was seducing her husband. In The Scarlet Letter, the antagonist is Roger Chillingworth. He tries to get revenge onHester Prynne by Dimmesdale through careful prying and assaults on his guilt stricken conscious.
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Crucible by Arthur Miller have similar themes. These themes include sin, punishment of sin, the devil and love or lust. A noticeable theme in both literary works is the sin. In The Scarlet Letter the sin that has been committed is the adultery and a...
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