Ensayo sobre ecologia

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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2011
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I can´t remember how was life without all that information about how to take care of earth and I think that no one does. We´re full of information of this type that almost no one listento it anymore because we think that we already know everything. But the reality is that no one´s doing nothing with all this knowledge about help the environment and protects the danger species,only a few ones.
I have to tell the truth, I ´m not really interested about all these green things and the new food, the new clothes, and these houses with high technology that helps environment,because they´re too expensive! We can´t afford it, I mean, it´s great when you see all this pretty packages with recycled cardboard and organic vegetables, but in Mexico, you just watch them, andall you can ask for is this biodegradable plastic bag.
You have to be consent that there´s allot of people who´s concerned for the planet, and we just don´t help! Because sometimes we´re toobusy or thinking about another stuffs more than take care of the planet because we forgot a while ago, that this will be our home for a long time and we´re destroying it. I´m not saying that weshould throw money to garbage to save a dolphin or a bear but we can help with these little things that you see all days in TV like turn off the lights when you´re not around, try to avoid buynon-biodegradable things, and taking care about all those little details that can really make a serious damage in planet earth like some months ago an American enterprise spread thousands and thousands ofgallons of raw petroleum in the gulf of Mexico and they still can´t repair the huge damage that they´ve made.
With all this things we will make a better world for our children, for tomorrow, orwould you like to leave them a world full of trash and smoked environment where you can´t see anything and non-water? Think about it, it´s the reality of today.
Daniela López Rodríguez. 3.A