Ensayo sobre el calentamiento global

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What is?
Global warming is the increase in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades.

What the experts think?
Global warming has been described asthe greatest threat to humanity, and although they recognize that the earth is warming, they are not sure of the causes or the consequences. They accept that human activity may be a factor, but thatis not necessarily the primary.
They also contend that the warming in the cities is due to its growing daily, as long as the concrete and steel whit that is makes the pavement, easily absorb the heatand delay to release it at night.

How does it affect our lives?
Well, if global warming continues to increase, the consequences would be disastrous, because the ice melt, sea levels would increaseand some Islands Soft disappear. At the same time the rise in temperature could intensify storms, floods and droughts.

It should be noted that each of these disasters, is accompanied by another,for example, with the floods come disease and even death, the storms left serious damage to homes and almost that ruined in some people; droughts leave a strong shortage of food and drinking water, andhence prices raise, and those who do not have much money, are hardest hit because it ca
n not buy their food.

We do not need to watch television, listen to the news on the radio about globalwarming, to realize that the planet is warmer than before. If you look good, the place where we live is undergoing changes that previously were not, for example, in my city (Bogota), no one could enjoy asunny day, he had to go to the coast to enjoy the benefit of this climate; Now we can enjoy all day as if we were on the coast.

Terrible is that we think that this beautiful day, but not on what ishappening or what caused that day.
This issue is very serious, and although the weather does not know, I think each of us must place a bit. Although we can not entirely solve this terrible...
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