Ensayo sobre el deporte

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  • Publicado : 17 de enero de 2012
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Good morning. Mr. Passenger, my name is karla, we welcome you aboard this plane to Germany. Fly at an altitude of 30,000 (thirty thousand) feet, with a speed of360 km / h (three hundred and sixty kilometers per hour ) and the approximate duration is 14 (fourteen) hours from the time of takeoff. Please make use of seatbelts, put back in his seat upright and folded their tables. We remind you that smoking is prohibited on all flights of this airline. Thank you.
Passengers Lords,following safety rules I will show a demonstration of emergency systems available to this plane. I beg most attention.
This aircraft is equipped with eightemergency exits, which are ... Two in the front doors of the cab ... Four windows located on the plans. Two doors in the back ... All of them marked with a sign inred EXIT-EXIT. Please observe the nearest emergency exit to your seat ...
The oxygen masks are on your seat and fall in case of decompression. Place the mask onyour face, fit and breathe normally.
Life jackets are in the bottom of their seats. The front is clearly identified, reposition it by adjusting the straps forthis purpose. To inflate pull the strings and if that fails there are two nozzles to inflate it manually.
Are reminded that the life jacket should not be inflatedinside the aircraft.
... We remind you that in front of his seat find a copy of these safety instructions just taught them.
Also inform me that I should turnoff their phones and electronic devices during takeoff and landing craft.
Thank you for flying with the airline turispace. We wish you a pleasant flight .-
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