Ensayo sobre la humanidad

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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2012
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Christian A. Poblano
Dr. C. Rostankowski
Humanities 1A
23 November 2010

“As long as one person exists who can dare to defend you, you shall live; but you shall live as you do now, surroundedby my many and trusted guards, so you should not be able to stir one finger against the republic; many eyes and ears shall still observe and watch you, as they have hitherto done, [though] you shallnot perceive them”(Cicero)

In Cicero: First Speech against Catiline, Cicero one of Rome’s orators, delivers a speech regarding his desire to execute Catiline, a political figure in the Romansenate. In his speech, Cicero accuses Catiline of conspiracy against the Roman republic along with his other accomplices. In this quote, Cicero tells Catiline that if someone dares to defend him in thisoration, he will be able to keep his life. Cicero also tells Catiline that even if his execution were to be cancelled, he would continue to be watched by Cicero’s guards and by the people in thecommunity. First and foremost, what Cicero tells Catiline in this quote gives me the impression that what Catiline did was unimaginable. The way this is said also gives me a sense of how the Roman republicdealt with disturbances such as this one. This quote also reminded me of the idea that in a court one is innocent until proven guilty. According to Cicero in this quote, that is not the case. WhatCicero says reflects the opposite idea; one is guilty until proven innocent. This quote by Cicero to Catiline illustrates how these seemingly contrasting ideas are actually the same because it isdefinitely as challenging to prove someone innocent, as it is to prove someone guilty. This was my initial understanding of the quote and was the reason I was drawn to it. Cicero’s words to Catiline in thisinstant gives me the feeling of security, not so much for the Roman republic, but as a reflection of the government we have in the United States today. I have come to understand that the United States...
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