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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2011
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Name: Carolina Sanchez
Period: 4


Blog: Web- based journal or on-line diary.
Boolean Logic: Internet search method that used operators with keywords (AND, OR) to narrowsearch parameters.
Chatting: Talking in real-time to other network users from any part of the world.
Different Language Support: Miscellaneous search method that searches for words in deferentlanguages.
Discussion Board: Online bulletin board that provides a forum for users to post and respond to messages from the users.
Domain Name: Website source identification consisting of the server/hostname and a suffix or extension that indicates the type of server. (.com, .edu,.gov, etc.)
Email: Electronic exchange of messages and files that are connected to the internet or the LAN.
Field Search:Internet search method that is conducted for a specific title, domain, URL or host; allows user to adjust breadth and depth of a search.
Individual Search Engine: Search tool that uses “spiders”,“crawlers”, or “robots” to math key search words with web pages.
Keyword Search: Internet search method that uses a main idea, phrase or concept (called the search string) in a search box.Math/equivalents: Miscellaneous search method that solves basic math problems and converts equivalents.
Meta-Search Engine: Search tool that simultaneously searches several search engines and complies results.Phonebook: Miscellaneous search method that uses phone numbers to search for locations.
Podcasting: Method of publishing files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive newfiles automatically.
Protocol: Method of transferring a file. Examples are HTTP and FTP
Spam: Unwanted and unsolicited email advertisements or messages.
Spell Checker: Miscellaneous search method thatgives suggestions if the key search word is misspelled (“Did you mean…”)
Spyware: Malicious software designed to take partial control of a computer’s operation without the consent of the user....
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